Ladakh – little Tibet Of India or the land of high passes, the land Gompas is an ideal destination as one of the best adventure capital of India where people from across the world comes here to take part in a various adventure activity. The magnificent land of here not only offers eternal only to adventure lovers, but also for tourists who like to explore this rich Indian culture and highlights the Buddhist culture of the region, and gives you a great prospect to meet the villagers and discover their lifestyle. It is an exotic province is placed in the northern Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. Tucked away between the great Himalayas and the Karakorum mighty mountains, it is often described as land like no other. It has been an internationally renowned destination for adventure tourism in India. It offers exciting outdoor activities and plenty of adventure sports. A large number of adventure lovers visit this exotic region of India is a pretty good number to explore adventure travel here. The region is visited by about eighteen thousand tourists each year.

Trekking In Ladakh

Ladakh: The Land of thrilling mountain biking trails like no other destination of the world, rest in the middle of the highest peaks, is appreciated worldwide for being home to every adventure lover. Its majestic landscapes and the mountainous region offers exceptional familiarity never before seen adventure.

The most well-known routes for trekking here are =

I am pretty sure that you are very eager to know about the most well-liked places to trek in Ladakh. So here we go! Below I show you the most well-liked trekking spot where you can get the best experience of adventure and sightseeing.

1. Chadar: The Frozen River Trek

The Zanskar River transforms into a blanket of thick snow with the rapidly reducing temperatures in winters and this is the period the Chadar Trek starts. The best season to visit this place is from Mid-January to the end of February. The trek is at an altitude of 12,361ft, 3,850m. The trek can get difficult at times so you must be cautious.

Complexity level: Difficult

2. Markha Valley Trek


Markha Valley Trek is one of the largest valleys in that area at an altitude 3,700m, 12,139ft and for the beginners, it is the most suitable trekking spot. The best period to visit here is June- September it of also recognized as “Tea House Trek” for the reason that the accommodation can be expected for trekkers, tea or café houses that provide hot drinks to refresh when trekkers get tired.

Complexity level: moderate

3. Stok Kangri Trek


Stock kangri is one of the most mesmerizing spots for trekking in the region of Ladakh at an altitude of 6,000m, 19,685ft. It is considered to be one of the difficult trekking spots in the Ladakh. While trekking you will come across the fascinating views of Indus and Zanskar valley

Complexity level: Difficult

4. Snow Leopard Trek


Snow Leopard Trek is the perfect trekking spot for those who are wildlife fanatics. In this trek, you can experience a lot of adventure and along with it will make you adore its enthralling wildlife. You can get an opportunity to notice some endangered and rare species.

Complexity level: Moderate

5. Lamayuru to Alchi Trek

Lamayuru to Alchi Trek is a very well known trek in Ladakh. this trek is something which is unlike the other treks, the fantastic journey which takes you to explore some Monasteries which are dating back of 10th – the 11th century. This trek is at an altitude of 5,200m, 1,7060ft.

Complexity level: easy

White Water Rafting in Ladakh


Its incredible adventure tourism charm has been the matchless with White Water Rafting especially in the blessed region of Ladakh. The delight of rafting here in its fast-flowing rivers of Indus and Zanskar whose gushy waves adds doubles adventure charm to its beauty. The best time to visit here is during the month of June to September when the river water level is rising due to the melting of ice in the mountain top.

1. Indus River Rafting

Indus river has its origin In Tibet near the Mansarovar Lake and Kailash mountain. This river flows from north-west to south-east and then into Pakistan, Provincially called has Singhe Khababs. During the month of June to August, the water flows at a high speed and this is the time where river rafting adventure activity begins and during winter this river gets iced up. There are some grades for this fast flowing water which are normally ranging from I and III grades and some ranging from IV and V.

Some well-known routes for trekking here are:

  1. Phey – Nimo route
  2. Phey- Saspol
  3. Upshi – Kharu route
  4. Saspol- Khaltsey
  5. Kharu – Spituk

2. Zanskar River Rafting

Zanskar is the perfect spot for river rafting, you can explore some most beautiful natural beauty of Ladakh. This river is a stream of Indus River that flows to the north. Zanskar River has become more popular because of the Chadar Trek (water turns into to thick blanket of ice) but during summer there will be a rapid flow of water. River rafting in Zanskar starts from Leh and on the way you can see the Fotu La Pass and this trip become more inspiring because of the monasteries in the region and the trip comes to an end at Indus River.

The popular routes for rafting here are:

  1. Tsogsti to Sangam
  2. Schorpochay to Sangam
  3. Choklamsar to Phay
  4. Phay to Sangam
  5. Chilling to Sangam
  6. Sangam to Alchi

Motor Biking


Ladakh is known for the top and dangerous roads in the world. Moter biking here is truly full of adventure and excitement, only an experienced bike rider can show guts to ride in the harsh area of Ladakh.

When the roads get open, you can see various riders from all over the world travel to explore the wonderful place and also alluring the bike trip. The bliss of riding to the worlds uppermost passes and on the way seeing the spectacular views, monasteries and some old villages is soo amazing

Popular routes:

  1. Leh- Nubra Valley- Leh – Pangong Lake – hemis
  2. Leh – Pangong Lake –Leh –Khardung La, so on

Jeep Safari


jeep safari in Ladakh as it covers the central plus the moving places of your Himalayan tour. Riding on the beautiful icy fields of Himalayan is a tour that you will treasure all your life. The appropriate time when deciding to take this safari is concerning July and October. Riding for the rough roads of your Ladakh’s mountainous regions are truly adventurous. You can enjoy the gorgeous beauty of nature in Ladakh within a jeep safari.
popular places for jeep safari :

  1. Pangong Lake
  2. Manali to Leh
  3. Nubra Valley, so on

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking tour in Himalayan is the most adventurous activity from the place. Ladakh biking tour is probably the best place for biking and individuals who love the adventurous sport. As you trek with the biking trek track you traverse different regions of Ladakh and revel in its scenic beauty. The biking trek in Himalayan is probably the most complex biker’s tracks from the world, it can furthermore be dangerous; however, very adventurous as well as a fun-filled place for those who love adventurous sports. If you’d prefer biking and sports similar, you must visit Ladakh.

Welknown routes for cycling :

From Leh towards Hemis

From Leh towards Alchi

Camel Safari


Ride the ship of the deserts this is the camel here at Ladakh. A camel safari is the simplest way to enjoy each part of the scenic beauty of character. Yes, the camels have usually been within the deserts of Rajasthan; however, they’ve been very famous in your ice-cold deserts of snow, riding on the back of the camel here is a huge tradition in Ladakh given that ages. camel safari in Himalayan is the commonest mode of transportation in this article. You can easily travel time to different places, see different villages and in addition meet the locals of Ladakh since you ride on a camel in this article. You can get the pleasure of this unforgettable ride on the back of a camel when using the appropriate time of all seasons. The best time with this safari is between Come early July and September.

Therefore, the list of adventure tourism in Ladakh goes on and on. However, it is said that actions speak louder than words; therefore, an unsurpassed adventure tour here is a simple way of exploring the world’s best adventure bonanza.

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